Slave Training

Welcome to my slave training page. This is a useful, free resource for both Masters of new slaves as well as those who want to be in service and “boost their resume” so to speak. Remember there is no “One Twoo Way” to do anything I teach here and these videos and guides are designed to be helpful resources so that you may have a place to start.

Slave Positions- This series includes four slave positions that exude elegance and grace. These videos also include alternative positions and explanations to accommodate for various medical adaptations

Drink Service- Though every house and couple may have a different way of servicing drinks to both the Head of House and their Guests, here are some easy and elegant ways to preform drink service.

Table Setting – Straight out of Emily Post and on to your table here is a helpful series on setting the table for different meals and events, including elevated and high protocols.

Laundry Service – Every Master, Mistress, Dom(me) and Top will have their own way that they want their laundry folded. If they don’t, or they instruct you to be in charge of their laundry, here are ### easy ways to wash, fold and store laundry