Service Styles

Hey kinkster! Did you know that Dominant/submissive isn’t just SEX! In fact there is a whole list of services that a couple can provide one another that have NOTHING to do with sexual gratification (though thats great too, don’t get me wrong)

Well I’m here to share different service style that you may not have considered or even known that you are already providing. I even talk about Servant Leadership, and Serving from the Top. With many special guest interviews from across the Dynamic Spectrum and ways that you can safely incorporate a fulfilling and meaningful service style into your dynamic.

Styles – Play, Financial, Domestic and sexual are just a few ways to express your service and please your partner.

Community – For my kinksters who are just getting started and want to see what this lifestyle has to offer, finding ways to serve the BDSM/Kink/ and greater lifstyle community is a great place to start.