This world is so full of Fun fetishes and here we explore many of them as well as ways to find others who share in your fetish, ways to ask for your fetish and resources for exploring more.

Finding Your Fetish – Is there that one thing that you see during the day that makes your stomach flutter? Maybe a porn style you keep going back to. Here we look at ways to identify your own personal fetishes and realize that you are’t wrong to have them.

Asking to Play – A fetish is a very intimate part of a persons sexual psychology and many people go their whole lives never experiencing or only stealing fleeting nibbles of their truest desires. In these articles I will explain ways to ask your partner about exploring yours and their fetishes so that both can live a more fulfilled and satisfying relationship.

LIST OF FETISHES – This is one of my favorite topics to explore. Every couple of weeks I will pick a fetish, research it and share what I have found as well as my thoughts and the experiences of those who live that fetish. If you have one in particular you want me to talk about, or you want to share your own experiences, please feel free to contact me and lets get this kinky ball rolling.

Resources – Somewhat self explanitory. Just a handy list of resources for finding kinksters, exploring your fetish and getting the most out of life.